Friday, December 16, 2016

My Month of November on the Treasure Coast

So, we're one month closer to the end of the year and I'm quickly closing in on my one-year anniversary here at Treasure Coast Newspapers. I can't believe it has already been nearly a year since moving halfway across the country on this adventure. This realization came to me after my boss (a lovely, mild-mannered, always-open-to-new-ideas, exceptionally talented editor... no sarcasm... no really) requested that each photographer on the photo staff gather their favorite images of the year for a gallery to be posted on the website. More on that later.

Assignments for the month of November were par for the course except for one thing... the election. Since I grew up and lived most of my life in Texas, it was understood that the state was primarily a "red" state. Except for a few counties in the major metropolitan areas, you could pretty much guarantee the state would lean to the conservative side of the political spectrum.

That's not the case in Florida.

Florida is considered a "swing state" and they take their politics serious here. I've never seen an effort by candidates to sway public opinion more than I have here. And sometimes it got down right brutal. Negative political advertising reigns supreme. So much so, that I dreaded turing on the television every night or retrieving the mail for fear of being force-fed divisive rhetoric from one camp or the other. It made my skin crawl.

But other than that, the month rolled on as usual. Here is a collection of photos from a few assignments from the month. Enjoy.