Monday, September 12, 2016

My Month of August on the Treasure Coast

Man, this year is flying by. Here it is at the end of August and I've realized that I have lived in Florida for half a year. It almost seems like yesterday that I was packing up the house in Texas and making the two-day trip east to the Treasure Coast. A lot has changed over the past few months, but one thing never does: high school football.

With the end of August and the start of September, local high school teams are once again hitting the gridiron in the hunt for a chance to play in late November. While football took up some of my time this month, there were few a other assignments in the mix as well. I had the opportunity to hang out at a couple local breweries, watch in amazement as college culinary students perfected their craft for a competition in Germany, gaze on slow-moving manatees that frequent a section of Round Island State Park and, finally, spent some time with local law enforcement and firefighters on various spot news events.

But it all comes back to football. This will be my first year covering anything other than Texas high school football. To put it mildly, Texas goes nuts over its high school football and I was told after I moved here that it was the same in the state of Florida. While the passion for the game is essentially the same, there are a few differences that I'm still trying to get used to. The crowds are little smaller, the stadiums aren't as big and, weirdly enough, I have yet to cover a game where the visiting team brings their marching band. Oh, and there are mandatory water breaks every quarter. This I can completely understand because of the high humidity and heat early in the season.

So here are a few photos from the various assignments from the month of August. I'm excited to see what September has in store and hoping that the hurricane season will come to an end without getting sideswiped by nature's car wash.

Until next month.