Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Month of July on the Treasure Coast

Well, the summer is in full swing which means we're looking for just about anything to keep ourselves busy until the school year starts. Fortunately, having never lived here before, everything is new to me and I've always got something to do.

My exploits took me up in the air to do some aerial photos of some local landmarks which is always a load of fun. It's interesting, I'm typically a nervous flyer, but every time I go up the air for an assignment I end up enjoying it. I also got to spend some time with cool animals (a kangaroo chief among them) and I got to cover my first lobster mini-season on the beach. I wasn't too enthused about the time I had to be up to get out there (5:30am) but the light was beautiful.

Another interesting story I worked on was on a local woman, Natalie Kosko, who started her athletic career as a gymnast but eventually found her way to rugby. She signed a contract with U.S. Rugby to compete for a chance to play on the national team in the Rio Olympics, but she busted her knee just a few weeks in. She's heading back to college on a rugby scholarship and hopes to play in the 2020 Olympics.

Throw in a few summer camps and a band camp from one of the local high schools, and it turned out to be a pretty active month for me. Here are a few photos from those specific assignments. Enjoy, and I'll see you on the field for the start of football season next month!