Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Month of May on the Treasure Coast

So, the month of May was another mixed bag of assignments here in my new home on the Treasure Coast. I'm still trying to get the lay of the land, determining what roads get me to where I need to go fastest and introducing myself to people who will inevitably help me be better at my job.

As far as my assignments went the big story of the month was the weather. A few weeks ago we got 12 inches of rain in one day and areas of the county were hit by three separate tornadoes. It was a big day in the newsroom. Additionally, I spent some time at the Humane Society for Vero Beach and Indian River County, Vero Beach High School, an archeological dig site were a bone from an extinct bison was found, explored the beautiful Sebastian Inlet and hung out with a group of distinguished gentlemen who get together four times a week to play golf. Plus, I managed to squeeze in a spot news events as well.

It was an interesting month capped off by my annual pilgrimage to the Midwest for the Indy 500. Here are a few photos from my assignments. Enjoy.