Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 2nd Quarter Newspaper Clips

Here is a collection of my favorite pages from the Standard-Times over the second quarter of the year. I think we did pretty well as far as things go and I was able to put together a diverse group. The topics of the pages range from local water issues, sports and a few other random pages that I liked.

The above clip is the cover of a 24-page special section we published in early June covering our local water resource titled Watching Our Water. Water, and our dwindling amount of it, has become a hot topic around the Concho Valley and in an effort to keep people informed about it, water has become our franchise topic here at the paper. Every water-related story we do will be accompanied by a Watching Our Water logo. Here are a few more clips from the special section and few other individual pages on the subject.

This next group of clips comes from the sports section and coverage of local teams. It was a big year for local teams in several sports including gymnastics, tennis, track and field, golf and baseball. It's always a pleasure to cover these teams regardless of the season's outcome, but it's extra special when our teams and individual athletes do well in their respective sports. I'm glad that we are able to give them extra space in the paper to highlight their achievements.

The last few clips are just random pages in the paper that I really liked. I thought they were designed well by the guys down at the Central desk and the photos got some good play on the page. Overall, I think we had a good quarter and I'm looking forward to what we come up with in the third quarter.

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