Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 1st Quarter Newspaper Clips

Well, the first quarter of the year has come and gone and that means putting up a post of the my favorite newspaper clips from the Standard-Times. As usual, the clips are dominated by sports (rodeo and basketball coverage) but we did have a pretty big event at the beginning of the year with the ordination of a new bishop. I was really hoping to blow out the inside of the A-section with photos but we just didn't have the space. It was a cool event though and I thought we did a good job of portraying the event visually.

The ordination took place at the Junell Center on the campus of Angelo State University back in January. Even though it was just a one-day event (an all-day event) it was a good warmup to the coming tide of rodeo coverage slated to start in mid-February. The format of the rodeo changed a little this year, going from a two-week schedule to a three-week program. Typically, we will have a rodeo and/or stock show page everyday on the inside of the A-section with a photo, space permitting. We weren't able to manage that everyday, but we did sneak in a few photo pages to make up for it. We even managed to publish two rodeo special sections.

Th remaining clips come from playoff basketball coverage. The Wall High School Lady Hawks had a fantastic year, earning another birth to the Class 2A state tournament in Austin and hoisting the championship trophy at the end of it. That was a fun assignment to cover, actually any assignment in Austin is fun, but this one especially because of the importance to Wall. Plus, it's always easier to cover a team going out on top rather than a team ending their season with a loss.

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