Monday, March 24, 2014

WATCHING OUR WATER: Blessing the Concho River

Here at the Standard-Times we are launching a new story initiative titled "Watching Our Water". This will become our "franchise" topic, one that we will do stories on for the rest of the Standard-Times' existence. Water-related topics such as rain, ground water and lake and river levels are of huge importance to residents in the area because, well lets face it, we have a very limited amount or water. At last estimate, San Angelo has roughly 13 months of water left. After that, nothing.

Efforts have been made to bring more water into the area with the construction of a new pipeline from the Hickory Aquifer which is due to be opened later this year. The city has already had to postpone the annual drag boat races at Lake Nasworthy from the summer to a date in September due to diminished lake levels. If the lake level doesn't rise and the races are cancelled outright, it will be a huge economic blow to the city.

So, on a cool and blustery Friday morning the newly ordained bishop of the San Angelo Catholic Diocese, Michael Sis, gathered with students from Angelo Catholic School and Fort Concho Elementary to bless the Concho River that flows through town. "Pray for rain" is the most commonly uttered prayer request in every religious house in the area so seeing a clergyman walking the banks of the Concho River is nothing out of the ordinary around here. The event was also held as a way to recognize World Water Day. Like I said previously, this will be an ongoing project for the Standard-Times, so be on the lookout from stories in the the paper and

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