Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Friday Night Football Week 8: Irion County vs. Miles

IrionMiles04 I think I'm slowly becoming Miles High School's personal photographer. For Week 8 of the high school football season I traveled out to Mertzon, about 30 miles west of San Angelo, to cover the District 6-1A Division II game between Irion County and Miles High School. This is the third week in a row that I have photographed a game in which Miles was one of the teams competing. Maybe I'll start getting Christmas cards in the mail from Miles parents.

This was, however, my first chance to cover Irion County this season and I immediately noticed something unusual regarding their jerseys. Instead of having their individual names on the back, they all had the word F.A.M.I.L.Y. prominently displayed. It's not unusual for teams to have some kind of unity slogan for the year and most of the time it's represented by a small sticker on the helmet or something written in permanent marker on their socks. But this slogan was fully integrated on their jerseys and the slogan goes, "Forget About Me, I Love You." It's not your typical rough-and-tumble, football-inspired motto, but it works.

IrionMiles03 IrionMiles01 IrionMiles02 IrionMiles05 IrionMiles09The game started out a bit slow. The first score of the game didn't come until late in the first quarter after the Miles defense intercepted the ball deep in Irion County territory. On the first play after the turnover, Miles quarterback Cody Krueger ran the ball into the end zone untouched. Even with putting up the first score of the game, the Miles offensive machine struggled with penalties all night, 12 to be exact for 130 yards. But despite all the negative yards, Miles pulled out the win 21-6.

Another interesting note, The head coach for Irion County, Brett White, was the head coach for Miles last year. Many of the players on the Miles team were coached by him last year and that must have been an odd experience. But Miles put their emotions aside, and came in and notched another win in hopes of a playoff bid.

Christmas cards can be sent to the Standard-Times office.

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