Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 Friday Night Football Week 7: Miles vs. Eldorado

MilesEldorado05 Rule No. 1 when covering an assignment outside: check the weather. Typically, West Texas weather is pretty predictable, clear skies, warm with a light wind. Friday started out that way as I headed to Miles for a District 6-1A Division II game between the Bulldogs and the Eldorado High School Eagles. It didn't finish that way.

To be honest, I did check the weather before heading out and I knew that we were in store for a cold front to move through and with it a little rain. But from the reports it didn't look like anything was going to happen until 10:00 or 10:30pm, well after the game was going to finish. So, I was wearing my usual athletic shirt, shorts and tennis shoes when I got to the field. I was going through my usual routine of shooting some feature photos before the game started when I hear an alert ring on my cell phone. Apparently, the cold front was going to move through faster than earlier reported. I took a quick look at my weather app and sure enough, a long band of rain was headed our way. My best guess was that it was going to hit us right at game time.

I continued on with my duties keeping an eye on the building clouds to the north. I was over on the Eldorado side of the field getting a few shots of the marching band getting ready for the game when off in the distance I started to hear a noise gaining in intensity. Remember that scene in the first Jurassic Park movie and the stranded tourists are sitting in front of the T-Rex exhibit and they can hear something coming but the only thing they can see are the trees in the background being violently thrashed around? That's exactly what I was seeing, but instead of T-Rex popping out, this low-hanging, gnarly-looking black cloud zipped over head bring with it winds easily reaching 30mph and a temperature drop of at least 20 degrees. I quickly discovered that I was severely under-dressed for this occasion.

MilesEldorado03 MilesEldorado01 MilesEldorado02 MilesEldorado04Obviously, with the new weather condition, which I'm sure no one counted on, the game strategy for both teams was going to change a bit. The initial gust of wind that accompanied the weather front never let up and the team that was going against the wind was going to have a hard time moving the ball up the field. Passing the ball was going to be next to impossible. Punting into the wind? Forget about it. Miles tried punting a few times into the wind and the ball actually started to come back toward the kicker.

Eventually, Mother Nature took it up to the next level and added a little lightning into the mix. And with just under six minutes to go in the second quarter, the game was halted and the stadium evacuated. I have to admit, I wasn't too torn up about leaving the game early for the shelter of my car. I had to turn the heat on full blast for a few minutes so I could get my hands and knee caps to stop shaking.

After getting back to the office I followed the game via tweets from the reporter. After the delay, Miles put up the first score of the game with an 18-yrad run from quarterback Cody Krueger. Miles continued to capitalize with the wind at their backs in the third quarter scoring two more times, one coming from a 33-yard Krueger to Shelton Hohensee pass and a loose ball recovery by defensive lineman Kaleb Carroll in the end zone to make the score 21-0. That's how the game would end because Miles killed most of the time on the clock in the fourth quarter with a long possession. Fortunately, the forecast for this Friday's game looks like it's going to be just about perfect. Perhaps I'll wear long pants this time instead of shorts.

MilesEldorado11 MilesEldorado10 MilesEldorado12 MilesEldorado07 MilesEldorado09 MilesEldorado08 MilesEldorado13 MilesEldorado06

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