Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 High School Volleyball: Miles vs. Wall

MilesWallvolleyball04 So I spoke too soon when I said I wouldn't be shooting any volleyball for a while after the massive Nita Vannoy tournament San Angelo hosted a few weeks ago. Our best area volleyball team, Miles High School, was playing Wall High School just down the road and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get another story and a few more photos of the Lady Bulldogs. Aside from Miles being our best team in the area, I needed to get some photos of Wall as well as this is Wall's first year playing varsity volleyball. Wall is usually pretty good in just about every sport they play, boys and girls, and I can only assume that they will eventually become a powerhouse in volleyball in the years to come.

But, we knew that this was going to be Miles' day. Lets not forget that they are currently the No. 2-ranked Class 1A team in the state. The first set went pretty much as expected with Miles rolling on Wall for the 25-7 win. The second and third sets took a little longer as Wall started to make a strong stand against the ranked Lady Bulldogs. Miles even found themselves down 23-22 in the third set and looking at a possible fourth set. Finally, Miles sophomore Sloan Riddle scored a kill to tie the score at 23-23. Bailey Halfmann and Sarah West scored the final two points to end the match.

Looks like we might have a deep playoff run for the Lady Bulldogs on hand. One can only hope.

MilesWallvolleyball02 MilesWallvolleyball11 MilesWallvolleyball06 MilesWallvolleyball10 MilesWallvolleyball08 MilesWallvolleyball09 MilesWallvolleyball07 MilesWallvolleyball03 MilesWallvolleyball01 MilesWallvolleyball05

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