Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 Friday Night Football Week 2: Christoval vs. McCamey

ChristovalMcCamey10 It was another quick night of football last Friday as I headed out to cover the Christoval Cougars taking on the Badgers of McCamey. I had to do some editing duties back at the office for our weekly Blitz! football section so I was only going to shoot the first half. I thought it was going to be a turn-and-burn game, but I was wrong.

Both teams, Christoval and McCamey, are pretty good this year so I was surprised when right from the opening kickoff that so many penalties were being called. It seemed like every second or third play was being flagged by game officials.

Flag. Holding.
Flag. Pass interference.
Flag. False start.
Flag. Your shoes aren't tied properly.
Flag. These stripes are not flattering.

What should have been a fast-paced game between two great teams came almost to a standstill because of all the penalties being called. There was a total of 31 penalties called during the game! Fortunately, I did get to see some good football as Christoval scored first on a 16-yard pass from Jakob Whitworth to Luke Parmer with under three minutes remaining in the first half. Whitworth put up another score with 14 seconds left in the quarter on a quarterback keeper from six yards out to give Christoval a 14-0 lead at the half.

The second half was another defensive battle with both teams scoring just one touchdown a piece. Christoval ended up winning 21-6 to remain perfect on the season at 3-0. I was just thankful to get out of there before the flag-happy refs decided to turn their attention from the field to the sideline and eventually to the stands.

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