Friday, August 16, 2013

Chicago Street Photography - iPhone Style

Hipsta-ChicagoStreets11 This last week I was given the opportunity to work on a story, much thanks to my editors by the way, in the great city of Chicago. I'll have a post about the story I was covering later in the year once it has published. We had a lot of fun and it should turn out well. But aside from work, being in a big city like Chicago offered me time to do something I've always wanted to try out: street photography.

There are a number of photographers that I follow and one of those is Scott Strazzante, a photojournalist with the Chicago Tribune. You can find a link to his blog on the Tribune website on the right-hand side of the page under the "Blogs I Read" column. The name of his blog is "Shooting From the Hip." Along with posting photos from the various assignments he shoots, Mr. Strazzante also does a lot of street photography and he does it almost exclusively with his smartphone. Since I'm not in Chicago very often, this being just the second time in maybe six or seven years, I decided to try my hand at wandering the streets of Chicago, iPhone in hand, looking for a visual adventure.

If I could have, I would have devoted an entire day to walking the streets. What a blast! Large cities are such a visually-rich environment you could go in a different direction every day of the year and find something new. I only had a few hours each day after finishing work so I didn't get to roam as long as I wanted to. It was almost sensory overload and I had a difficult time focusing in on any one thing. "Oh, that's a great reflection," or "Those shadows make a cool pattern," or "I like the way this guy is standing as he waits to cross the street." These are all things I would have going through my mind while trying not to get run over by right-turning cars and buses.

But what a rush!  It's refreshing to be able to step out of your element, mine being small towns in West Texas, and into something new. I hope to take my Chicago experience and apply it to other adventures in life, not just those in the "big city."

Hipsta-ChicagoStreets19 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets18 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets17 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets16 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets15 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets14 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets13 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets12 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets10 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets09 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets08 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets07 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets06 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets05 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets04 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets03 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets02 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets01 Hipsta-ChicagoStreets20