Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 High School Basketball Playoffs: Wall vs. Childress

Wallregional08 So, I've had an interesting change of schedule this week. I was slated to shoot four rodeo performances at the Foster Communications Coliseum, but we have two of our local high school girls basketball teams, Wall and Menard, playing in their respective regional tournaments. I was moved from rodeo coverage to basketball coverage, following Wall to their regional tournament in Midland on Friday night. If they win their semifinal game against Childress, sports reporter Carlos Silva and I would have to scramble and find a hotel to shoot the regional final on Saturday. I did feel a little bad for my fellow staff members because they would have to pick up the rodeo performances I was going to shoot, but when it comes down to it, our readers deserve to have as much coverage of their local teams as possible.

The Lady Hawks started off really well putting up a strong defense and not allowing Childress' two main players, Cassi Longoria and Tanasia Cornish, to take control of the ball under the basket. Childress went 1-15 in the opening half which ended with Wall on top 15-8. Childress' other six points came from the free-throw line. I thought that was a pretty low score considering we were at the regional tournament.

Wallregional07 Wallregional04 Wallregional05 Wallregional06 One of the major statistics that really saved Wall in the game was the seven points the Lady Hawks scored off of Childress' 10 first-half turnovers. Childress managed to fight their way back during the second half getting as close as 25-22 with just over six minutes left to play in the fourth quarter. It was apparent that Wall was going to have to avoid fouling Childress because they hit 10 of 17 shots from the free-throw line to aid with the comeback.

But Wall, finding some way to shake off a disappointing third and early fourth quarter, battled back to go on a 13-8 run ending the game with a 38-30 victory and a chance to play in the regional final the following day. I was getting a little nervous there for a second. Wall was our best chance to make it to state the following week and it's always fun to get a free trip to Austin. Now, Carlos and I had to scramble to find a room for the night in a town that was going through an oil boom and just about every hotel would almost certainly be booked full with oil and gas employees.

Wallregional02 Wallregional01 Wallregional03

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