Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Favorite Photos: Sports

SportsFav01 Next up on the 2012 year-in-review are the sports photos. I would have to say that my year is pretty evenly split down the middle when it comes to shooting news and sports assignments. Sports kind of takes a back seat during the summer months when school is out, but because we cover 15 counties in Texas, we get bombarded with sports assignments from late September to late May.

Here are some of my personal favorite sports photos from 2012. Enjoy!

SportsFav05 SportsFav02 SportsFav03 SportsFav04 SportsFav18 SportsFav13 SportsFav17 SportsFav12 SportsFav16 SportsFav10 SportsFav15 SportsFav09 SportsFav14 SportsFav08 SportsFav11 SportsFav07 SportsFav06 SportsFav19

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