Wednesday, November 21, 2012

H.S. Volleyball Playoffs: Water Valley vs. Sterling City

WaterValleyVolleyball09 Here's something a little different... volleyball! Believe it or not but this is my first coverage of high school volleyball this season. And it's already the playoffs! With football already in full swing most of the other high school sports go by the wayside. And that's a shame because we have some great teams in our area.

Two of those teams, Water Valley and Sterling City, were going head-to-head in a Class 1A regional quarterfinal with the winner advancing to the next round of the 2012 playoffs. Volleyball, for me, is one of the more difficult sporting events to photograph. The action is all over the court and it is so fast-paced it's hard to follow it through the camera's viewfinder. Usually what I do is focus on players at the net and wait for them to try and make a block or a kill on the ball. Once I have all my standard photos of the game I set in on getting the emotion from the teams.

WaterValleyVolleyball03 WaterValleyVoleyball01 WaterValleyVolleyball07 Water Valley was ranked as the top team in the state going into the match and they had already beaten Sterling City a few times this season. In the first set Water Valley jumped to a 7-2 lead but allowed Sterling City to come back and tie it at 16-16. But, being the top team in the state, Water Valley went a 9-3 run to close out the set 25-19. The second set was not as close. Water Valley rolled to a 25-12 win with the carried over momentum from the first set.

WaterValleyVolleyball02 WaterValleyVolleyball05 WaterValleyVolleyball08 The third set proved to be much harder for Water Valley to win. Sterling City upped their game for the third set taking the lead several times. Water Valley came back late in the set to tie it up at 19-19 and the score went back and forth several times until Water Valley was able to squeak out a 25-23 win. It looked like Water Valley was well on their way to defending their Class 1A state title.

That should pretty much do it for me as far as covering volleyball is concerned. We only had one other team left in the playoffs and they were not projected to go very far. And I won't be able to cover more of Water Valley because I'll either be out of town or on other assignments. I'm even going to miss the Lone Star Conference volleyball tournament hosted by Angelo State University because I'll be out of town. Dang! And the Rambelles are supposed to be awesome this year. So I guess a goal for next year would be to try and shoot TWO volleyball games.


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