Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday Night Football Week 7: Miles vs. Eldorado

MilesEldorado11 Okay, so for this week's Friday Night Football post I'm not going to bore you with all the little game details. I ran into the same problems as I always do and quite frankly, it's not really worth repeating. So I'm just going to post photos from the game instead. I covered the Game of the Week again this past week between Miles and Eldorado and judging from the district records of these two teams, both undefeated, it was supposed to be a good game. Eldorado won the game 28-12 and now hold the only undefeated district record in District 6-1A. HERE is the game story by freelance writer Kim Gierke if you want to read about the night.

MilesEldorado12 MilesEldorado10 MilesEldorado09 MilesEldorado08 MilesEldorado07 MilesEldorado06 MilesEldorado05 MilesEldorado04 MilesEldorado03 MilesEldorado02 MilesEldorado01

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