Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friday Night Football Week 3: Ozona vs. Grape Creek

OzonaGrapeCreek03 Once again I was put back on Game of the Week coverage and this time I was headed to Ozona, about 80 miles southwest of San Angelo, to cover the Lions taking on the Eagles of Grape Creek. I hadn't been to Ozona for an assignment in quite some time so I was excited about the opportunity to get back.Ozona has been on top of their game this year so far so I was hoping for a great match-up. But every so often the idea we have about how we think the game will turn out sometimes does not match up with reality.

While Ozona was doing well, most of the plays were happening on the opposite side of the field. And just when it looked like the play was coming my way, it would abruptly change directions. Not to mention that the game was pretty one-sided with Ozona dominating both sides of the ball. Grape Creek was having a hard time putting up much of a fight.

OzonaGrapeCreek06 OzonaGrapeCreek05 OzonaGrapeCreek04 Three consecutive turnovers by Grape Creek in the first quarter put them in a hole from which they could not recover. The first turnover was a high snap over the Eagles' punter giving Ozona the ball on the 14-yard line, the second was a fumble recovered by Ozona on the 25-yard line and the third was an interception. Halfway through the first quarter Ozona was up 20-0. Ozona went on to win the game 55-14.

My night was going about as good as Grape Creek's. It seemed like every position I chose on the field was the wrong one to get any decent shots of what was happening in the game. On top of that, I was going to have to leave the field at halftime because I was not able to secure an internet connection in the press box due to a certain kind of block or security wall on the school's internet. I was going to have to drive through town to the Sonic and use their open wi-fi connection to transmit photos to the office. But, you know, it wouldn't be as exciting if there were not those little challenges to deal with. It might get down right boring if I never had to look for an internet connection or if all the great plays in a game happened right in front of me.

OzonaGrapeCreek01 Ozona_Grape Creek Football

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