Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Night Football Week 1: Water Valley vs. Klondike

WaterValley02 So tonight was an abbreviated night of football for me. My boss had to be out of town this weekend and was going to miss all the craziness in the newsroom that comes with Friday football. So, being the senior photographer, I was left in charge of all the visuals for both the paper and the website. We hold about a dozen football-related meetings during the week and it was left up to me to decide if I was going to shoot a game or just stay in the office and catch photos as they filter into the system. How could I say no to shooting a game? Of course I was going to shoot a game! But it would have to be a game close to home because I would need to leave at halftime and drive back to the office to fulfill my editor duties.

I decided on a six-man game being played just 20 miles up the road in Water Valley as the Wildcats took on Klondike. I felt like if I didn't shoot a game our photo coverage would be lacking and at least we could get one more gallery up on the website. I also chose this game because I thought it would be over at halftime. For those of you who don't know anything about six-man football, if a team is ahead by 45 or more points at the half the mercy rule goes into effect and the game is over. Water Valley is a pretty strong team and I honestly thought there was no way the game was going to go on longer than the first half.

WaterValley03 WaterValley01 WaterValley04 Like with all the other games I cover, I got to the field about an hour to 45 minutes ahead of the kickoff to get feature shots to submit to the photo page and other various spots in the paper, but much to my surprise, the place was dead. There was almost no action going on at the field and there wouldn't be until about 15 minutes before the game started. I always start to panic when I don't have at least five usable photos before the teams make their way to the field. Tonight, I only had one. It also didn't help that I was worried about making all our deadline times when I got back to the office. But when the opening kickoff goes sailing through the air, it's easy to get in the zone of just shooting the game.

Right from the start it looked like Klondike was going to have their hands full. In recent years Water Valley has become a very good six-man team and it's easy to bet on them for most of the games they play. I don't think Klondike even made it in to Water Valley territory the entire first quarter. By the middle of the second quarter Water Valley was up 40-0. I overheard one of the Klondike players screaming at the rest of the team, "Do you want to go home early? We better get our act together!" Eventually, Klondike made a few key plays and managed to score two touchdowns late in the second quarter. As time expired on the first half Water Valley was leading 48-12. Thus ended my second game of the season. I had to get back to the office to fill in as photo editor. Water Valley notched another win with a final score of 62-12.

WatterValley06 WaterValley05

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