Sunday, February 7, 2016

84th annual San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo: 2nd Perfomance

Okay, so lets keeps this rodeo theme going with another post from the second performance. We're getting into the thick of things now as the the cowboys and cowgirls invited continue to compete for their chance to showcase their talents in the short round in two weeks. There were a few great performances yesterday especially in the steer wrestling, tie-down roping and barrel racing events.

Here are some of the photos I edited out from the second performance yesterday. I handed coverage duties for the third performance off to another photographer but I'll be out at the Coliseum again today for the fourth performance.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

84th Annual San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo: 1st Performance

It's finally here. The 84th annual San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo kicked off with it's first performance last night at Foster Communications Coliseum. This is an event San Angelo and the surrounding communities look forward to every year and every year it doesn't disappoint. It's also a time when we get extremely busy at the newspaper because for the next 15 days we will have daily stories and photo galleries being produced for the paper and our website. It can result in long days and shoes smelling of barnyard for about a month after the whole thing is done but it's all worth it.

The first night of the rodeo can be a little hectic on the media side because all the outlets are there, each trying their best to provide coverage for the public. I missed the rehearsal for the opening act on Thursday due to some unforeseen events so I was going into the first night blind not knowing what to expect. And every year there is a power struggle to get the best vantage point to cover the action. Inevitably, someone is going going to complain about not being able to sit where they want to and Tom Thompson, the rodeo director, gets a frantic call to clear things up. He always takes it in stride though and lays down the law of the land.

Everything went smoothly last night, at least it appeared to, and the action was fast and constant. The rodeo seemed to go a lot faster this year, with one event rolling into the next without a hitch. I guess after 84 years of putting together this shindig the rodeo association has figured a few things out. I highly encourage everyone to come and see what its all about. I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks.